Previous Pioneer employees and friends

Why Oldpioneers

Memory Lane

OLDPIONEERS Memory Lane offers a magic time travel thanks to a collection of well preserved and stunning pictures and videos.

Fasten your seatbelts and take the time travel.


Find old colleagues or make new friends. From time to time there will be get-together parties, and here is where you find it out first.

Reach out and tell your story

Interview of the Month

Get the insights from old colleagues. Where are they now and what have they been doing since the active Pioneer days.

Old turning new – back to the future for OLDPIONEERS

Everyone and everything needs to be refurbished once in a while.

After somewhat twenty years as the home for previous Pioneer Nordic employees in the shape of www.OldPioneers.com, it’s time for a well deserved makeover.

Welcome to the new home for us OLDPIONEERS that treasure the past and love the future.

To be able to share both the past as well as the future more freely this home needs a key to open up. The only condition in order to get it is that you have been a Pioneer employee in Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland.

Just fill in the request form to claim your personal key code and start your journey together with us.

Once a family always a family!